Doctor’s Day in India


1st July is celebrated as doctor’s day across India to honour the legendary physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy. He was born on July 1, 1882 and died on the same date in 1962, aged 80 years. Dr Roy was honoured with the country’s highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna on February 4, 1961. It is incidental that 1st July is also celebrated as CA day as the CA Act 1949 came into force on this day.


Bidhan Chandra Roy was born on July 1, 1882, in Patna, Bihar. His father Prakash Chandra was an Excise Inspector. Bidhan’s mother died when he was 14. His father alone raised his five children.

Bidhan left for Calcutta in June 1901. While at medical school Bidhan came upon an inscription which read, “Whatever thy hands findeth to do, do it with thy might.” Bidhan was deeply impressed by these words and they became a source of inspiration for him throughout his life.

Bidhan’s term in medical school was fraught with hardships. His father retired as a Deputy Collector after the first year and could no longer send Bidhan any money. Bidhan fended for himself by getting a scholarship and living frugally, saving on books by borrowing notes and relying on books in the library.

Immediately after graduation, B.C. Roy joined the Provincial Health Service. He was prepared to prescribe medicine to patients and even serve as a nurse when necessary. In his free time he practiced privately, charging a nominal fee of Rs. 2 only.

Bidhan sailed for England with only Rs. 1,200 in February 1909 intending to enroll himself at St Bartholomew’s Hospital to further his education. The Dean, reluctant to accept a student from Asia, rejected Bidhan’s application. Dr. Roy did not lose heart. Again and again he submitted his application until finally the Dean, after 30 admission requests, accepted Bidhan to the college. Within two years and three months, Bidhan completed his M.R.C.P. and F.R.C.S. and returned home from England in 1911. On his return he taught at the Calcutta Medical College, then the Campbell Medical School and finally at the Carmichael Medical College.

Dr. Roy believed that swaraj would remain a dream unless the people were healthy and strong in mind and body. He made contributions to the organization of medical education. He established the Jadavpur T.B. Hospital, Chittaranjan Seva Sadan, R.G. Kar Medical College, Kamala Nehru Hospital, Victoria Institution, and Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital. The Chittaranjan Seva Sadan for women and children was opened in 1926. He opened a center for training women in nursing and social work.

In 1942, Rangoon fell to Japanese bombing and caused an exodus from Calcutta fearing Japanese insurgency. Dr. Roy was serving as the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calcutta. He acquired air-raid shelters for schools and college students to have their classes in, and provided relief for students, teachers and employees alike. In recognition for his efforts, the Doctorate of Science was conferred upon him in 1944.

Dr. Roy believed that the youth of India would determine the future of the nation. He felt that the youth must not take part in strikes and fasts but should study and commit themselves to social work. At his Convocation Address on December 15, 1956 at the University of Lucknow, Dr. Roy said, “My young friends, you are soldiers in the battle of freedom-freedom from want, fear, ignorance, frustration and helplessness. By a dint of hard work for the country, rendered in a spirit of selfless service, may you march ahead with hope and courage… .”

Dr. Roy entered politics in 1925. He ran for elections from the Barrackpore Constituency as an Independent candidate for the Bengal Legislative Council and defeated the “Grand Old Man of Bengal,” Surendranath Banerjea. As early as 1925, Dr. Roy tabled a resolution recommending a study of the causes of pollution in Hoogly and suggested measures to prevent pollution in the future.

Dr. Roy was elected to the All India Congress Committee in 1928. He kept himself away from rivalry and conflicts and made a deep impression on the leaders. Dr. Roy efficiently conducted the Civil Disobedience in Bengal in 1929 and prompted Pandit Motilal Nehru to nominate him Member of the Working Committee (CWC) in 1930. The CWC was declared an unlawful assembly and Dr. Roy along with other members of the committee were arrested on August 26, 1930 and detained at Central Alipore Jail.

During the Dandi March in 1931, many members of the Calcutta Corporation were imprisoned. Congress requested Dr. Roy to remain out of prison and discharge the duties of the Corporation. He served as the Alderman of the Corporation from 1930–31 and Mayor in 1933. Under him, the Corporation made leaps in the expansion of free education, free medical aid, better roads, improved lighting, and water supply. He was responsible for setting up a framework for dispensing grant-in-aid to hospitals and charitable dispensaries.

The Congress Party proposed Dr. Roy’s name for Chief Minister of Bengal. Dr. Roy wanted to devote himself to his profession. On Gandhiji’s advice, however, Dr. Roy accepted the position and took office on January 23, 1948. Bengal at the time had been torn by communal violence, shortage of food, unemployment and a large flow of refugees in the wake of the creation of East Pakistan. Dr. Roy brought unity and discipline amongst the party ranks. He then systematically and calmly began to work on the immense task in front of him. Within three years law and order was returned to Bengal without compromising the dignity and status of his administration. He told the people.

“We have the ability and if, with faith in our future, we exert ourselves with determination, nothing, I am sure, no obstacles, however formidable or insurmountable they may appear at present, can stop our progress… (if) all work unitedly, keeping our vision clear and with a firm grasp of our problems.               ”

The nation honored Dr. Roy with the Bharat Ratna on February 4, 1961. On July 1, 1962, after treating his morning patients and discharging affairs of the State, he took a copy of the “Brahmo Geet” and sang a piece from it. 11 hours later Dr. Roy died. He gifted his house for running a nursing home named after his mother, Aghorkamini Devi. The B.C. Roy National Award was instituted in 1976 for work in the area of medicine, politics, science, philosophy, literature and arts. The Dr. B.C. Roy Memorial Library and Reading Room for Children in the Children’s Book Trust, New Delhi, was opened in 1967.

The first Doctor’s Day was celebrated in 1991.National Doctor’s Day is commonly celebrated in healthcare organizations as a day to recognize the contributions of doctors to individual lives and communities. These events are typically organized by staff at a healthcare organization. Doctor’s Day is celebrated in the US and other western countries on March 30 – the day when Dr. Crawford W. Long first used ether anesthesia in surgery.




  1. I want to post a poem on Indian Doctors Day ,composed by me .

    We express our gratitude to the doctors in a simple way,
    Conveying heart-felt ‘ Thank You’ on Indian Doctors Day..1

    Celebrated in their appreciation on First July, every year..
    And to honor great physician and patriot Dr.B C Roy dear..2

    Since 1991 on his birth as well as death anniversary day.,
    Tributes to the true Indian medicine luminary to pay..3

    Doctors ‘profession is godly & noble helping mankind.
    Angels in spotless white coat, in none others we find..4

    Inherent smile, hope, courteous listening and fast walk,
    Psychological touch, empathy& patient customized talk. 5,

    Baby is born to a mother and brought up by parents,
    But only a doctor can diagnose and cure its ailments .6

    Cesareans, surgeries & deliveries go round the clock,
    Which doctors sacrificing self comforts face like rock .7

    Her or his care, commitment, precision and expertise,
    Ought to be praised and acknowledged by all the wise .8

    Challenging and risky surgeries are accepted to dignify,
    Their brave medical profession and their best they try.9

    Ramayana was directed not merely for financial gains
    Ramanandsagar longed to live in his TV viewers’ veins. 10

    A surgeon acquires special skills and courage– wonders,
    Trusted the Best, only before him one easily surrenders.11

    He or she operates not being almost right, but only exact,
    Puts best of his/ her body, mind heart, soul and, intellect .12

    Biggest fear to the patient is the fear of ‘the unknown’.
    Only till an expert gives firm opinion on reports shown. 13

    As a sincere, doctor gets promoted or in age advances,
    Her humility, love and concern for patients enhances.14

    A sight of a person wearing in her neck a stethoscope,
    Gives patients and relatives in wards, a life, new hope.15

    Wards’ round by very senior and junior doctors’ teams,
    For patients cure& developing juniors logical -it seems.16


    Working up to 40 hours at a stretch during his internship,
    Is possible as his attitude elevates work to love& worship.17

    No lunch break, no leaving OPD, till he examines all patients.
    Respecting their individualities, valued queries & sentiments. .19

    Cursory glance of his old patient reflects him his past history,
    Patients’ confidence inspired in him, he considers his victory.20

    A PGI –HoD, wishes- on his departing bed his expressed will,
    His body must never touch any non- Allopathic powder or pill.21

    Even though it ensures his survival for one or two full year..
    Stamp of non- allopathic means on his soul ha can’t bear.22
    . .
    He thinks it a disgrace to his intrinsic medical profession.
    What a dedication and integrity! We must learn a lesson.23

    With current Indian patient doctor ratio of about1700 to one..
    Nothing rapidly better for all patients’ care can really be done..24

    Doctors still work sincerely for hearts of all the patients won.
    Often considered as better friend, brother, daughter or son..25

    Best of the doctors’ at about 45 is that happy they remain,
    Harmony among required life balances they do maintain.26

    Maximum of 0.5% of 7 lac Indian doctors may not be honest,
    Distorted news, vexatious interests should never defame the rest.27

    Opting strenuous medical stream & not thinking of brain drain,
    Grace of God, blessings of patients and mental health they gain.28

    The Day is an opportunity to appreciate entire Medical profession,
    For doctors’ duty, grace, integrity ,latest knowledge & compassion.29

    The Poem was like a baby, easy to conceive but hard to deliver-‘send,’

    Gestation- 1st July 08, to pay tribute to Dr..BCRoy’ Gandhiji‘s friend.30

    Raj Kumar Jindal

    • Satej Khadse on

      आजकल ८५% डॉ धन्दा कर रहे है.. जनताको फसा रहे है..
      ज्यादा कमायी..गरीबोको लुटना..बेवजह टेस्ट करवाना.. बहुतसारी दवा लिखवाना..
      ईन सबसे डॉ को % पैसा मिलता है..
      कभी कभी तो मरे आदमीको अँडमीट करके, ७/८ दिन ईलाज करते है और लाखो ₹ कमाते है..
      एक व्हिजीट का ₹ ५०० , ₹ १०००, लेते है , ईन्कम टँक्स नही.

      पँथाँलाँजी लेबोरटरी से डॉ को % ₹ , दवा बेचने वालोसे % ₹..

      सब लुट रहे है..

      सरकारी यत्रणा आखे बंद कीये मजा देख रही है..

  2. Doctor’s Day is really a day for every citizen even for budding future to respect of your own “Internal physician” means you have to be regarded for yourself and also for others because of not only a Doctor cannot fully help you to recover or cure whatever else if I/We never be cautious about “What to do or not to do”. Todooay we are passing through every day with so many troubles/misconception due to unaware of the exact clue to real happiness & wealthy property of the health which links to the personal choice of the life for meaningful & fruitful. I believe strongly to the right of everybody’s wish to welfare of his/her ‘Body Temple’ as it is blessings of the God and of course existing within ourselves. So, only a doctor or physician or group of health care personnel can do little to the fullest extent of our precious life and till that end of tireless effort of the association/concern while we support and take care of own for progress of our family to society. I salute to those dedicated & unselfish, unsung, untold even genuine doctors in true sense for the welfare of each and most of the needy and suffering sections. Dr. B.C.Roy is still now alive among those doctors who are showing their passion for doing good to more well of the patients without monetary or any other purpose just for satisfying their internal spirit in spellbound field. I swear to say that this is still now a noble profession but bed side manner treatment is required for touching & feeling the real source of suffering which needed without medicine and with showing empathy, sympathy and work like father stature. Come forward to make a platform of people for people to respect your Internal Physician because only man can do everything for a good cause. Thank you Doctor’ Day and may God empower us to do so.

  3. doctors day is celebrated in us march 30 in india doctors day is to be celebrated on july 1 because of roy birthanversary he was dedicated noble doctor belongs to patna bihar he was rewarded with number of noble prizes by government he too gain position of cheif minister side by side profession of medical different countries celebrate doctors day at different days he was physician he died on the same date profession of doctor is equal to god they sacrifices there life to serve the people doctors across the country are living with diginity and fame they want to satisfy patients by different ways and depends upon the will power of patient some of them have unaccountable degress serving public and earning huge funds roy was very intelligence persons having number of responsibilities number of people inspired from his dedication and love for country and humanity on humanitarian ground he did nt charged money from any body he become famous and noble person during doctors day patients distribute flowers to doctors send wishes by mails on whats up face books and do video callings to them about wishes and appreciate there works and to encourge them for better services in the future

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