‘School Day’ launched to curb drop outs


The District In-Charge Minister of Mysore, S A Ramdas has launched a unique ‘School Day’ programme in the city in an attempt to curb the number of early drop outs.

A brainchild of Mr Ramdas, the School day programme was launched on 1st June, 2011 to enroll children below 15 years who have either dropped out or have never gone to a school.

It also marked the end of the 7-day ‘Akshara-Aarakshaka’ programme for identifying school drop-outs in each household. Under this initiative a team of two teachers, a police constable and a local representative visited houses to collect educational details of children in the age group 5 to 15 to help students join or, rejoin school depending on what the case may be. They also tried to motivate parents to send their children to school.

The project also tried to change the perspective of the public about the police. A total of 1,240 constable including 800 from city alone were selected for the project work in the district. They visited around 15 households a day to prepare a database for the purpose. This database, handed over to the concerned authorities, will now help to admit students into various government schools with the School Day programme. The Akshara-Arakshaka initiative is reckoned to be the first of its kind in the State.

To set an example and an inspiration for others, Police Commissioner Sunil Agarwal and Legislator Tanveer Sait got a few kids admitted to Kesare Government School.

In another related story, a two-wheeler mechanic came forward to extend a helping hand to the city police in making their people friendly programme reach all. Suresh, a mechanic by profession, donated four banners to the city police carrying awareness captions in rhymes in Kannada, penned by himself .As the cops launched Akshara Aarakshaka, a vigilant citizen in Suresh decided to do something rather than waiting for them at doorsteps. Moreover, he feels it is the duty of every citizen in ensuring education for all.

The Mysore administration has clearly set forth a beautiful example for other districts of the country to follow. Such initiatives apart from bringing literacy also help in building bridges between different sections of the society, like, the police and the common people. Also, such initiatives clearly tell us that for solving problems like illiteracy in the country, we need different social bodies (the legislatory as well as the executionary) to come and work together for a common cause.








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