Annakshetra – Reducing wastage of food


Annakshetra reduces wastage of food by collecting left-overs from parties and distributing them in slums, orphanages and old-age homes across the city.

The big fat Indian weddings are just getting bigger. With most weddings adopting buffet system and adding the spice of variety to the gourmet parties, wastage of food becomes inevitable.

The quantity of food is over-estimated and the left over or surplus food, goes to the waste-bins as there is no proper channel to utilize this unused food.

This wastage happens in a country where thousands of people die due to lack of food. To solve this twin problem of surplus and scarcity, Center for Development Communication (CDC) has set up Annakshetra Foundation in Jaipur in November 2010.

The foundation, within a short span, has developed a networking with over 1,500 hotels, marriage halls, and other associations which provide surplus food to be redistributed among the needy.

Post a wedding feast or a party, these hotels and restaurants call and ask them to collect the extra food, which is then stored in deep freezer and tested for nutrient value by experts. After being tested, it is distributed in slums, orphanages and old-age homes across the city. Since its inception, the organization has served or distributed spare food to 15,879 needy people in the city.

The volunteers also make sure that they sit and eat with the beneficiaries. The idea behind this is to counter the repulse associated with scrap food. Also, it proves that the food is fit for consumption. The foundation has mobilized over 500 students from various colleges and universities towards minimizing food wastage.

In addition, it also works with street vendors, construction workers among others to strengthen the delivery system. The foundation, following the success of its pilot project, is now planning to set up similar centres in Delhi, Mumbai and Vadodara.

Centre for Development Communication (CDC) is a national non-profit organization working in 15 cities across the country. The head office is in Jaipur with its three regional offices in Nagpur, Mohali and Vadodara. Their key operational areas are Waste Management, Urban Health, Professional Internship, Training & Research and an initiative for RTI awareness, Microfinance, Social Security of waste workers and street vendors.




  1. Priya Ranjan Prasad on

    We need such organisation at all the cities in the country. We do waste lot of food during all the functions. Its said some people die because of lack of food and some have problem due to overeating and hence waste food.

  2. Dear Sir / Mam
    I want to join myself with your team to do such a inspiring work for somene. So please help me to do so according to your ideas and skils.

    Thanks & Regards

    Prashant Tripathi

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