Striking the right note


They are young; they are charged up; they are here to rock the nation. They are the Sandrembee.

Sandrembee, an Imphal-based metal band, released its first audio album, Miscalculation and Cosmic Catastrophe, which has seven extreme metal tracks and an equal number of alternative rock tracts, last month as the first step to rock the nation.

It is a band of five guys who are right now still studying in different colleges in different places. Their dream of forming a band found roots when they were students of Class XII at Manipur Public School in Imphal city. Then in 2007, they formed the band, Sandrembee — the name of a very popular woman character in a Manipuri folk tale — and performed on stage for the first time in Imphal in 2009.

All their songs have socio economic messages. They want people to know that there is more to Manipur than just violence. They want to make their presence felt outside Manipur.

Producing the album was not a mean achievement. The band members managed writing, composing and practicing over the internet as they did not have enough time to sit down together. They sent the composed songs to each other through the net. They also sent the vocal tunes and instruments over the net by converting them to MP3.

The 23-year-old lead singer Eroz, is now in his first year of masters in international business in Bangalore. Bass guitarist Themis Thoudam got a master’s degree in biotechnology from Chennai and is preparing to do a PhD either in India or abroad.

Drummer Richardson Maibam is pursuing an engineering course in Chennai, lead guitarist Chingkhei Nameirakpam, is doing his BSc through correspondence while staying here.

“We have big dreams. But all these will depend upon how much time we can take off from our studies,” Eroz said.

Given the commitment and determination of the boys and the applause that they are garnering, Sandrembee will surely rock the world with its music one day.



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