It’s my northeast!


North East India gets it first dedicated cultural and positive human interest story based site

If you thought North East India is all about floods and militancy, you are bound to change your views after visiting This site, the brainchild of Rupkamal Sarma, is an exclusive website to show the “other lesser known side” of North East India. The idea and mission is very similar to I See India and we felt it should be covered in a greater detail.

Former journalist and a student of the Gauhati University, Assam, Rupkamal , wanted to change the image of North East as a region marred with violence and turbulence. He feels that the rest of the nation has been deprived of looking at Northeast India in a positive light. There is too much focus on negativity in mainstream media and thus he felt the need for an alternative. “So what better platform could be there than a website which gives freedom to use all tools and can be easily accessed by anyone sitting in any corner of the world.” explained Sarma.

The site will have audio, video and written content which will be free to read initially but content may not be copied from the site and used elsewhere without permission. The site will have four categories: cuisine, travel, personalities and features. “Initially, we will update the articles every 2 months. I would like to sincerely appeal to the people who can make a difference to contribute to make the site a success”, said Sarma.

This website intends to be different from existing sites till date as it will serve as a chronicle and an online knowledge house for the future, a repository of genuine, accurate information for Northeast India and also a storehouse for fast dying traditions. Everything on the site will have a journalistic sense and will be well researched articles.

The website looks beautiful and has some unique articles in it. Finally we have a source to know what is beyond the hilly terrains and the mystic valleys of North-East and feel good about it. We would say a nice initiative!!



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