Amul is not just “the taste of India”. It has come a long way from its humble beginning as a village cooperative society, to becoming the pride of India.

Over four decades ago, the life of a farmer in Kaira District in Gujarat where Amul began its operations, was very much like his counterpart anywhere else in India. His income was derived almost entirely from seasonal crops. The income from milch buffaloes was undependable. The marketing and distribution system for milk was controlled by private traders and middlemen.

As milk is perishable, farmers were compelled to sell it for whatever they were offered. Often, they had to sell cream and ghee at throwaway prices. In this situation, the only one who gained was the private trader.

Gradually, the realization dawned on the farmers that the exploitation by the trader could be checked only if they marketed their milk themselves. In order to do that they needed to form some sort of an organization., thus laying the foundation of what we now know as Amul


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