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Dr Sujata Virdhe is Physicist and Space Scientist from ISRO. She is an excellent coach with her special methods of teaching through toys. Sridevi Satheesh Prabu is M.Tech. graduate having more than 5 years of Industry experience in VLSI hardware environment. She is an excellent trainer in making children education a fun loving, a very good e-surfer and has a strong desire towards Go-green. Together they are making learning a fun activity for children.

“Very few students get their science and math basics clear in their school days. I always wanted to explore my creative side and felt that designing products which can help kids learn complex concepts in a fun way would prove beneficial for several students, while simultaneously giving me a platform to spread out my creativity,” says Virdhe.

Thus with her own savings, Virdhe started L Green Ventures in December 2009 and soon launched her first product, the nebula solar goggles for watching the solar eclipse. L Green Ventures is all about innovative ideas in science education for children and artistic talents.

L Green Ventures has over 25 products and reaches out to over a few lakh students across India. It has come out with products that can help kids learn tables through snakes and ladder, kits for growing crystals for helping understand concepts in chemistry, play kits to understand concepts like magnetism, electricity, light, sound and other concepts in physics.

“After we make the products, they go to science museums and planetariums where students and parents can make purchases. I don’t have any targets of wanting to sell these many units in the next so many years. The responses we have received from both parents and students are encouraging and that is what matters to us,” says Virdhe.

It is indeed a delight that such highly educated individuals are doing something for primary school students. Hope this learning-is-fun culture catches on very soon in India.





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