The talking T-shirts


If you are one of those people who are vocal about their patriotic sentiments, then you can now let your T-shirt do the talking.

The T-shirts and supporting merchandise of Karma Republic serve as a medium to bring to surface the bottled up feelings of the youth of this nation. It aims at bringing your love for India and your feelings about social causes to life by spraying them with color and painting them on the canvas made of cotton fibers.

Started in 2010 by Preet Arjun Singh, the specialized concept T-shirt store envisages to sensitize the youth towards social causes, besides giving a boost to patriotism, through social and patriotic messages emblazoned on the T-shirts he designs.

Singh, a 25 year old civil engineering graduate from PEC left his job with Infosys around 4 years ago to pursue something close to his heart. He wanted to spread awareness about social causes and involved like-minded youths in a unique way.

Explaining about how things started Singh says, “I designed a T-shirt for myself on Independence Day in 2009. It had “1947,” along with names of freedom fighters written on it. I put a picture of it on a social networking site, and got a great response. People started requesting me to design similar tees for them.”

As a college student, he was involved in projects to sensitize youngsters towards social issues. He had founded a group, ‘We Volunteer’, in his college which was involved in this direction. Then, again, when he was at Infosys, he used to go to an orphanage on weekends, and helped the kids there.

The colorful T-shirts have social messages like “Truth-See it|Speak it” and “Even the Kings came from the Queens” written on them amidst some cool designs. They can also be ordered online.

It is indeed a very unique way of boosting patriotism.



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