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There was a time when everything that nature provided was free. In this age when even fresh air and clean water comes with a price tag, Doordarshan’s  FTA(free to air) DTH service DD Direct Plus seems like a dream come true for many.

What is FTA DTH?

Traditionally all across the world, the DTH (direct to home) operators charge activation charges and monthly subscription charges based on the selection of channels by users. DD Direct Plus is a unique DTH service for which the customers need to just buy the hardware from open market and start viewing the channels free of any further cost. The hardware as receiving equipment will cost around Rs. 3000 which is normal for any DTH service and is a onetime cost.

Now as soon as the word “free” is attached to a service the next question that pops up is the question of quality. To address that, DD Direct Plus ensures excellent picture quality to all its users because the customers will get signals directly from the broadcasters without any intermediary and without any hidden charges. Not only that, DD Direct plus presently beams 57 TV channels including 21 Doordarshan Channels. It also offers audio signals in the form of 24 Radio channels.

This service has been made possible by the enhanced broadcasting abilities of INSAT-4B satellite. It was started in the year 2004 by the honorable Prime minister with very little success lately. A major reason for its low popularity was unavailability of non-doordarshan, private channels in it. Gone are the days when we faked stomach ache on Tuesdays for Shaktimaan or woke up early on weekends for  Rangoli, Chandrakanta,  or Mogli. It is the era of reality shows, where paid channels rule the charts.

Sources say that around 90 television channels by 82 applicants are in the queue for being uploaded on DD Direct Plus including some foreign channels. Apart from many other channels, some of the widely viewed applicants include NDTV, IBN 7, ZEE, Sahara, and Star News.

In today’s world where everything follows the TANSTAAFL way, DD direct plus offers a promising future. And more relevantly for the rural India, where there is hardly any cable connectivity or, broadcasting facilities, any such service is a real boon to them which in this case is “free” as well.



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