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“Necessity is the mother of all Inventions”, the evolution of man as the most advanced creature on earth proves it. We cannot deny the fact that most of the inventions and discoveries, big or small have either been found accidently or have been innovated without any modern RnD facilities. Tapping such inventions and fostering them can be revolutionary sometimes.

National Innovation Foundation – India (NIF) is an autonomous organization established under the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India in 2000. Based out of Ahmedabad NIF is pursuing the mission of making India Innovative and a global leader in sustainable technologies without social and economic handicaps affecting evolution and diffusion of green grassroots innovations.

The purpose is scouting, documenting, spawning, augmenting, adding value, protecting intellectual property rights, disseminating on commercial as well as non-commercial basis. Focus is on the contemporary unaided technological innovations as well as outstanding examples of traditional knowledge from individuals and communities.

NIF conducts a biennial national competition for grassroots green technologies developed by farmers, mechanics, artisans and others through their own genius without recourse to professional help. IGNITE, annual competition for student’s ideas and innovations is another one in the series.

 To determine the feasibility of commercializing the technology, NIF conducts market research and test marketing. Those technologies which are found to be commercially viable are licensed to willing entrepreneurs. A Micro Venture Innovation Fund (MVIF), sponsored by Small Industries Development Bank of India supports the activities of prototype development, test marketing and pilot production.

The core principles of the National Innovation Foundation come from the Honey Bee Network and SRISTI. For the last twenty years the Honeybee Network and SRISTI have been scouting innovations by farmers, artisans, women, etc. at the grassroots level.

Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network (GIAN) scales up innovations, from the Honey Bee database of innovations, through value additions in innovations to sustain creativity and ethics of experimentation. GIAN was conceived at the International Conference on Creativity and Innovation at Grassroots (ICCIG), jointly organized by IIM Ahmedabad and SRISTI.

The Honey Bee database of 10,000 innovations, collected and documented by SRISTI, would be part of the National Register of Innovations to be managed and supported by NIF.

“Students’ Club for Augmenting Innovations (SCAI) at grassroots” is students’ forum facilitated through NIF to involve students from different education institutes. The purpose is to generate a new model of knowledge management for sustainable development based on creativity and innovations at grassroots. So far, SCAI exists in more than 30 different management, engineering and social educational institution.

If you find any such innovation in and around you, contact NIF. They help people from getting the product patent to commercializing it on national and international grounds.

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