Nirdhan Rogi Upchar Prakalp


In a country where Politics and corruption are used synonymously by media and some people, we get some examples which make us think and wonder about the true picture about India and Politics. At a time when Power of Politics and Politics of Power have become a common game in the hands of a few people we see some rays of lights putting all the dark side at dismay and when the source of this ray of hope is from a Rajya Sabha member its shocking.

Lalit Kishore Chaturvedi, Rajya Sabha member (Rajasthan), ex-Health Minister in Bhairon Singh Shekhawat cabinet launched a project Nirdhan Rogi Upchar Prakalp in 1993. The mission being “a project for free treatment of poor patients in all districts” was his own brainchild and he has continued working on it supervising it personally for the last 18 years.

At present working in Jaipur and Kota has benefitted people from as many as 30 districts.   Financial assistance is extended to patients for diseases related to heart, kidney and others like cancer, whose financial income is less than Rs 60,000. Chaturvedi and his associates in the project after verification, ensure that a representation is made on behalf of the needy patient and that financial help is extended to the patient.

He says  “The financial assistance is received from the chief minister’s fund, the prime minister’s fund and also a charitable fund which is in the name of my wife. Moreover, over the years, more and more donors have come forward for additional help. Initially, there were only three or four donors, now we have a team of about 200”

Under the project, 815 have been helped financially for treatment, of which 532 are men and 283 were women. Till date, financial aid of over Rs 6.10 crore has been extended under the project, of which over Rs 4.50 crore came through the CM and PM relief fund.

“There are no direct financial transactions on our side. Even the donors, directly hand over the money to the concerned doctor or hospital,” said Chaturvedi. He added apart from financial assistance, their aim is to support the patient in all possible manner, be it zeroing down upon the doctor, tests and diagnosis.

“The surgery, where required is conducted in the government hospitals like SMS, Jaipur or AIIMS, Delhi,” he said, adding that conveners would soon be appointed in all the 33 districts.

On the achievements of Nirdhan Rogi Upchar Prakalp BJP president Gadkari said “Politics today, is nothing more than power tussle. However, it need not be so. Power tussle should be only 25% of your politics the rest should be the work you do for the poor and the needy. There is so much to be done in sectors of health, education, water and others”. Commenting more on the project and arduous efforts of Chaturvedi he said “politics must not be restricted to power tussle only but it must ensure that it brings about a socio-economic change for the betterment of society at large.”


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