CEPT help to Sikkim earthquake-hit places


Being helped by strangers always makes one happy and if the help comes at a time when your life is devastated, those strangers seem no less than angels.

A team of three professors of Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT) University are all set to assume that role.

They have dispatched for Sikkim to learn from the nature and results of the recent earthquake as well as find possible ways of lending support to the earthquake-hit places.

CEPT University intends to help the local authorities and people in Sikkim to rebuild the houses and buildings using the experience of reconstruction in Gujarat post 2002 earthquake. The three professors of CEPT University Including head of the structural design department V R Shah, faculty member of school of architecture Sankalpa and visiting faculty at CEPT, Bhairav Patel left for Sikkim last week.

After reaching Gangtok, the team will be visiting the heavily affected areas towards the north of Sikkim. They intend to visit all accessible areas.

The faculty members said that CEPT would be able to lend support mostly in the area of reconstruction of the houses and other buildings, examination of the remaining structures on how safe they are and training the people there on how to rehabilitate. 

Center for Environmental Planning and Technology University (CEPT) is a premier academic institute located in Ahmedabad, offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in areas of natural and developed environment of human society and related disciplines.




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