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Discovering Yercaud - I See India

Discovering Yercaud


Yercaud is a hill resort that lies in the Shevaroy Hills in the state of Tamil Nadu. Located approximately 230 kilometres from Bangalore, this hill station is nestled among the picturesque coffee plantations and thickly forested slopes. Yercaud has a pleasant climate throughout the year and attracts a lot of tourists from everywhere. It offers numerous tourist attractions.

Yercaud Lake

This lake is centrally located and attracts large number of visitors. It is a cool clean sheet of water surrounded by well-decorated gardens and woods. Here, one can take a charming boat ride in the chill water of the lake. It is an enchanting and refreshing experience.

This is a scenic lake wrapped in the lush greens and the mystical woods of Yercaud. The lake is at its full bloom during the month of May when the Summer Festival is organised. Boats are available in two options. The paddling ones for a couple or four people and the four-seater row boats.

Anna Park

This is a beautifully decorated garden near the Yercaud Lake. It is a dreamland of fragrance and colour with buzzing bees busily seeking honey in the flowers. There are few other parks nearby such as Lake Park, Gandhi Park, and Children’s Park which are worth a visit.

Lady’s Seat

Lady’s Seat is the name given to a cluster of rocks on the south west side of Shevaroy hills that overlook the ghat road and Salem town. From here, one can enjoy the panoramic view of the plains down the mountain.

One can enjoy breathtaking views by looking down the steep gorge. During the night, Salem city looks like a far-off dream with the twinkling lights. One can have the picturesque view of the valley below through a telescope as well. This place is best when visited in the night.

Kulliar Falls

Kulliar Falls is situated at 3000 feet high. This waterfall is situated among the sylvan surroundings. One can spend hours seeing the beautiful sight without any boredom.

The stunning waterfall is located about three kilometres away from the Yercaud Lake and is best seen after the south west monsoon or the north east monsoon.

Bear cave

It is built of two huge boulders and is situated near Norton Bungalow, the oldest bungalow in Yercaud. The Bear’s cave is located in a private coffee estate near the Norton Bungalow, on the way to Servaroyan Temple.

Apparently this huge cave formation beside this coffee estate bungalow was considered to be home for the bears and hence the name. It is an important tourist place and has been attracting tourists since it is believed to be one of the six abodes of Lord Subramanya.

Servaroyan temple

This temple is situated at the top of the Shevaroys. This is said to be the third highest peak in the range. As no regular transport services are available to reach this place, one is needed to arrange special guide and vehicle to go there. The annual festival here is observed in the month of May and the entire hill tribes around come together to celebrate it.

Religious places

The two renowned temples of Yercaud are the Servaroyan temple and Sri Rajarajeswari temple. The devotees from different parts of the state come here. The Sacred Heart church, the Retreat church, St Joseph’s church, Holy Trinity church, C S G church and Lutheran church are the important churches of Yercaud. All these are worth visiting.

The Yercaud Mosque attracts lots of people as well, especially on Fridays and during any religious celebration.

Other places of interest

Some other interesting places of Yercaud include the ornamental plants and tree house, orchard-cum-nursery of rose plants etc. Silk farm, Horticultural Research Station, Orchidorium, Mettur view, Cauvery peak and Salem view are among other attractions of Yercaud.





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