Leh’s first and world’s highest oxygen plant launched


Uttam Air Products, a leading gas manufacturer with an excellent record in the manufacturing and distribution of medical and industrial gases for over 35 years, recently set up an Oxygen Plant at the Indian army base camp in Leh, Ladakh. Uttam is the first ever gas manufacturing company in the country to take up a project in association with DIPAS – a research organization under the Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO), Min. of Defense, Govt. of India for Ladakh.

At 10,500 feet above the seal level, the environmental conditions in Leh are hostile with low concentrations of oxygen in air. This often results in hypoxic situations where due to the lack of oxygen people (often non-natives), experience loss of consciousness and other insidious and irreversible consequences such as comatose state and paralysis.

Uttam Air Products is now working closely with Army Research Organization and has undertaken a project for the Indian soldiers deployed at this height. The company has set up a plant that offers ‘oxygen enrichment’ facilities. The plant provides assured high percentage of oxygen under medical supervision at such high altitudes. In the day to day operability of the plant, oxygen is produced on site and its regulated transfer in certain pre-specified and designed rooms or chambers is done. This is done under medical supervision and with a lot of precision.

The oxygen plant tremendously benefits the Indian army personnel, posted there, who face medical problems due to lack of natural oxygen. Availability of such a facility so close to their posts greatly assists the medical staff in treating them early.

The oxygen plant is a 24*7 operative unit that is specialized in providing oxygen enriched facilities to both patients of hypoxia and others.”




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