NID student’s robot trolley


Rana Sen, student of National Institute of Design(NID) Ahmedabad, might revolutionize the process of film making. He  has come up with a robotic trolley that cut through various tedious processes of handling a camera.

The robotized trolley on four wheels not only eliminates the painstaking process of setting up a conventional track and trolley, but also enables a filmmaker take various types of professional shots. Track shots, panning shots, dolly shots, concave shots, convex shots, crane shot and so on are just as simple as the push of a few buttons.

Both the trolley and the camera mounted on it could be controlled by a remote control panel and a computer. The design simplifies various painstaking processes involved in the conventional film making. Apart from achieving steady shots, complex mathematical calculations for taking concave and convex shots can be avoided as the robotized trolley can be maneuvered through push of a button.

Sen started designing the device two years back when he got into the world of film making and came to know about the complex processes of handling a camera for various types of shots.

While he has applied for a patent for this design, he will soon be upgrading it to be controlled through wireless technology. The device can accommodate all still cameras and lenses.

The student, who is now busy completing his diploma project at NID, has decided to manufacture his product and make it available to the market as well.



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