IFFI entry for Pune filmmaker


A short fiction film, “Compulsory Hell-Mate,” directed by Pune-based professor Mithunchandra Chaudhari, has been selected for the 42nd International Film Festival of India (IFFI) to be held in Goa and will be screened on November 27 and December 2.

It’s a tongue-in-cheek take on the repressive powers in society.The story takes place at Gahunje village near Pune city. Village chief Rambhau makes wearing of helmets compulsory round the clock to prevent the villagers from robbing each other’s ideas and thoughts.

Rebellious Sitabai is caught without a helmet and she claims she could not buy one due to her poor economic condition. Ignoring her claim the village head decides to execute her for violating the rule. Sitabai outsmarts the village head and frees the villagers from Rambhau.

Solapur-based Chaudhari came to Pune to pursue a career in film industry and has assisted in a Hindi film.

“The protagonist of my film is a woman who rebels against the irrational decisions made by the village headman. I believe that the common man can challenge the system and women can show tremendous courage to question the dominant and hegemonic values of patriarchy,” says Chaudhari. The film was shot within 13 hours by Chaudhari with students from the Department of Communication studies, Pune University, as crew members at Gahunje, a village 25 km from Pune.



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