Naveen Prasad: The Farmer Scientist – 2


In the previous edition of The Farmer Scientist we had met Lakshmi Lokur of Belgaum. Today we meet yet another farmer from Karnataka. Read on to know about the Young farmer who expects to reap Rs. 15 lakh this year.

He is just 25 years old and has completed his Pre-University Course. But this village lad from an ordinary background has already become a game changer. He not only chose agriculture as a profession while others of his age migrate to cities in search of jobs, but also succeeded in literally harvesting profits on dry land through innovations. He now earns many times more than his well-educated friends in the cities.

Agriculture is a passion for N. Naveen Prasad from Gandarajapura village of Doddaballapur taluk in Bangalore Rural district. He practices integrated farming on his five-acre family land.

If income is any parameter for success, then he is already earning a stabilised income of over Rs. 5 lakh a year and is confident that it will touch Rs. 15 lakh within a year. Of course, the entire income is not just from farming, but from allied activities.

To begin with, he realised that the borewells in his area do not work efficiently as the water-table had dropped below 1,000 feet.

But he managed to recharge the open well which had become defunct on his land and used it as a lifeline for his farm operations.

His method of agriculture is entirely organic, which is supported by vermicomposting.

The five cows and eight sheep in his cattle yard act as the main source for organic manure besides providing him additional income. He also rears poultry. He grows field beans, maize and organic ragi besides making 22 value-added products from ragi.

The products include ragi malt, ‘happala’, ‘chakkali’ and ‘sandige’. “I sell these products at various organic stores in Bangalore and have also set up my own sales outlet in Doddaballapur,” he says while pointing out that there is a large demand for such products.

He got introduced to such innovations by the University of Agricultural Sciences-Bangalore.

He was one among 32 innovative farm youth honoured by the University of Agricultural Sciences-Bangalore on the first day of the National Krishi Mela with an award.

The university is honouring 192 such farmers, two from each taluk, to encourage rural youth to agriculture.



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