Badhte Kadam


Badhte Kadam (stepping ahead holding hands) is a massive awareness campaign of National Trust under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment which works in the area of autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and multiple disability to bring a fresh new perspective that would help people with disability live as one among people, with as much rights and responsibilities of course with some support. The caravan of Badhte Kadam wants to draw the attention of people with disabilities and their rights as stated in the United Nation Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), he noted.

The third edition of Badhte Kadam was inaugurated on 14th November in  Imphal and will come to an end on December 3. This year’s theme is “Get Involved, Share a few moments of your life with us”.

With the vision that “No disabled person is left alone and neglected in the society” and a mission to create a network of friends all over the state to achieve inclusion and community participation of persons with disabilities, the Badhte kadam team will visit schools and colleges in seven districts and conduct awareness programmes with games, quiz show, talent show, poster and photo exhibitions.

“Organizing such programs is beneficial for us. Otherwise we would just stay at home and be cut off from the society. We feel depressed. But by performing at such events, we feel happy, share our feelings and make new friends,” Abosana, a participant.The campaign has been a huge success in Manipur and this time it will cover seven districts in the state.

The Spastic Society of Manipur has also launched MARUP which is a network of non disabled persons who volunteer to be friends of the disabled persons in the community and contribute some time and energy whenever possible to be with them, entertain them, share experiences with them, aid them in activities of daily living .livelihoods, advocate and provide non formal educational activities and physical support to the disabled persons and the family members in whatever capacity they can voluntarily without desire of personal financial gains.



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