His ‘Junoon’ on wheels


In an innovative way to educate the people about HIVdefine/AIDS, a young lecturer drives around Chandigarh and its surrounding areas in his vibrantly coloured, slogan-bearing car, distributing free condoms, pamphlets and booklets about the disease.

Gaurav Gaur, 28, a lecturer in Social Work at the Panjab University (PU) and also the Commonwealth Youth Ambassador of Positive Thinking, has painted his Maruti-800 in bright colours and written awareness slogans all over it, transforming it into the only one of its kind “knowledge disseminating unit” about AIDS.

“I have named it ‘Chetna- awareness on wheels’,” Gaur told IANS, adding the slogans like “Spread love, not AIDS” and “Treat HIVdefine+ (positive) people with equal respect” and the AIDS awareness logo painted on his car were easily visible from a distance of half a kilometre.

“My car is my best medium to spread the knowledge about HIV/AIDS in the society especially amongst the downtrodden section. The car was launched in November 2006, by Fatiha Serour, director of youth affairs at the Commonwealth Youth Secretariat in London,” Gaur said.

Gaur has single-handedly undertaken the project ‘Junoon: the passion to fight AIDS’. He is also using his eye-catching brown car, which has anti-AIDS slogans pasted all over. So far, he has covered four city colleges and has plans to visit six more in the days to come.

In acknowledgement of his work, Gaur had been invited to attend Queen Elizabeth II’s reception at Buckingham Palace in London April 2009.

Gaur is a visible part in the AIDS awareness campaign. A photograph of him displaying the AIDS symbol on his shaven head was selected by Johns Hopkins University on their 2008-year calendar for the month of December.





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