High-Tech Village : An Oxymoron Proved Wrong


Ours is a country of villages. More than 70%  of our population lives in villages. What are the first things that flash in our mind when we hear about an Indian village? Mud/Kachcha houses, bad roads, bad sanitation, illiteracy, no internet, no signals in your cellphones and a long list of no utility-you-will-find-in-Urban-India. Speaking of this, the last thing you would think of linking with Indian villages is technology, in any form. Most of us still feel that they don’t have cable TVs in villages. Google it and you’ll find loads of articles on the urban-rural technological/digital divide.

And while we relish our comfortable lives in the suburbs of Urban India, maintaining the aforementioned perspective towards our Rural counterpart, some people out there are working hard to prove us wrong. Some examples include Anna Hazare led model Indian village Ralegan Siddhi, Chhavi Rajawat led village Soda  and Bibipur village in Haryana. Never heard of Bibipur before? Well, now you have. Bibipur village , Haryana, according to their website is India’s First Hi-Tech Gram Panchayat. India’s first or not, Bibipur is definitely one of the first villages in India to have a website of their own. On their website, they share all the information pertaining to the village like the various events & activities, photographs, bills, facilities and more. You can know more about Bibipur by mailing them at info@bibipur.com or by mailing the Sarpanch at sarpanch@bibipur.com.

The people and Panchayat of villages like Soda, Bibipur by coming up with their websites have not only marked their presence on the web, but have also set an example for the rest of the Rural India. An inspiration and a message that even though being a part of the Rural India you were intrinsically not blessed with the benefits and wonders of technology, there is no stopping you from reaching out to them if you are willing to. All you need is some collective effort led and empowered by a good leader.


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