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‘Dogs are the best friends of man’ is an old quote. Now is that true? Well, I have friends to go any measures to prove that that’s true. And my experiences of taking part in their hitherto enthusiastic endeavours have resulted in a torn jacket soon after my accomplished demonstration of my bravado, buried tooth marks over my arms after a sudden repulsion-attraction battle between me and the species in question, my induced sensory transformation into a ‘hyper-mode’ immediately when I’m next to an enthusiastic dog, like, I had antennas and they stood upright, erect! I’m okay with dogs. I don’t precisely despise them. In fact, I quite like them! As long as they are off life-threatening disease causing limits and furthermore not savage, I have no qualms about accepting them completely! But of lately, judging by my recent progress, I’ve decided, I’m still intuitive about animals!
Another body who are more than ready to vouch for that is my fellow team in college. From the hills screaming of vast green terrain where my college, FLAME, happens to be located, comes tumbling and rolling the wings of generosity and animal centric passion!! This collection of a few animal inclined generous souls, gathering the dogs who had come back after having inhabited the then undeveloped territory into our campus to reclaim possession, feeding them and thus indulged themselves into this occupation of self-induced welfare activity! Only recently, this year, a community was formed and it was decided to give a name to this enthused bunch of theirs. And the name they happened to cast upon themselves is – ‘Pawssibles’!
And this community happens to be really full-fledged I tell you! With around a 20 responsibilities under them, each one of the ten youngsters involved in this initiative has been assigned a particular task. This seems to be a pretty serious business as Sehar , chairperson of ‘pawssibles’ narrates to me their steadfast resolve on sterilizing all of “her children” in as little time possible. She says, “Most of the lot have already been taken care, to the best of ‘pawssible’s abilities, but yet there are a few left out, after dealing with which the multiplication of the dogs within limits will by far be prohibited! But you can never guarantee the abstainment from foreign dogs encroaching! Can you?!” Sounds fair enough. Whatelse? Apart from getting two square meals per day, a trainer visits as often possible to make pawssibles possible and exciting!
If all this isn’t cool enough? Even cooler is the future idea for pawssibles.All of mighty defiance thrust against many a games of see-saws played with the college management caused primarily due to a superior belief in her conviction, an urgency in her eyes and pride in her voice and stance of speech, “I want pawssibles to do so well ..I want it to be one of the many peculiar attractions that FLAME will have to offer. One venture that will fascinate our future students as a positive change that fitted evenly to side-walk alongside our ethos of liberal education and rest as one accomplishment of a kind.”
Sehar embodies her feelings!
Well what can I say? An initiative to embark a strategy to liberate souls, be it even dogs, to be able to achieve a sense of belonging and symbiosis with the ‘influencing the world’ category we belong to ,as I see it, should be only encouraged and encouraged with prudence and in quick embrace! I have made a resolution to make my definitions about the animal kingdom other than the selective human population I only choose to see, at the earliest!



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