Nagaland boy is Young Global Leader 2011


India’s  nondescript hill towns are slowly shedding the tag of anonymity and creating a mark in the international arena. This time it is Ngulminthang (Amin) Lhangal, from a small town in Nagaland, Medziphema , who has brought all the attention by winning the Young Global Leader award for 2011.

This isn’t the first time he has made India proud.He was earlier selected to attend Global Changemaker’s first regional youth summit in Asia-India when he was a part of British Council’s Global Changemaker. Global Changemaker was an initiative by the British Council and it was started in 2007. With 6 young activists it started and the network has grown since to 730 changemakers over 120 countries. This initiative was basically to give a platform to the voices of the youth. There is a lot of learning and practical project work involved for the participants, hence giving them exposure and giving direction to their opinion.

Amin’s list of awards doesn’t end here.  In the past he has bagged Nagaland Post-air India State Rank Award as a student of St. Francis De Sales Higher Secondary School, Medziphema, in 2007. He was sent to Singapore for the first time as an exposure trip for this award. Apart from this, he has received several other awards like WDF 2008, IYF 2008 Gujarat, India, Young Advocates for Social Change Award New York, 2009, WSF Singapore 2009. These are national as well as international awards that he has had his name on.

The young social entrepreneur wants to work in the field of human rights, environment, conflict resolution, cultural upliftment and social innovation. His mind was as active since the age of eleven and he had started working towards his dream at the same age. He, in his way, has tried to serve the society and also has given a lot of ideas to bring about changes in the society for the betterment of it.

An addition to his achievements is the book written by him on Kuki mythologies, the title of this book is ‘Thukim: Keima Theidaan’. It is a bilingual book which will be published by KNM, Singapore. This book talks about the author’s ideas and knowledge about Justice.

At a very young age, Amin has achieved a lot of success on his own with his hard work and creativity; this is the reason why he was selected as the Young Global Leader 2011. Young Global Leader was started in 2005 by the World Economic Forum and it is the successor of Global Leaders of Tomorrow. This basically gives the young leaders a chance to view the world in 2030 and helps the youngsters to work towards that goal.

Currently, he is studying in the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He is also the first Indian to represent Singapore in Global youth summit, both regional in India as well as in London.

Certainly, Amin has proved it that he has the capacity to change and make the world a better place. His creative thoughts and passion was appreciated by a lot of authorities in India and abroad. It’s a proud feeling to have an Indian who is so determined and focused to create the world, not only India, a better place to live.

It is inspiring to see someone at a very young age achieving things those are probably very difficult to achieve for many other people throughout their lives. To conclude, I would like to say that hopefully learning from this, many other youngsters in India who have the potential to reach the sky will be motivated enough to go out and find their goals. I’m sure there is not only one Amin who has this kind of potential but many others who can take India forward in terms of their creative thoughts and their commitment to bring about changes.


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