Christmas celebrations in Goa


Goa is India’s most common beachfront vacation location and a good place for a vibrant Christmas celebration. Vacationers from around the world gather in Goa on Xmas.

Though Xmas is celebrated everywhere India, but the greatest festivities are in Goa. Goa’s heritage as a colonial area means that there is a large Roman Catholic area in Goa, and hence Christmas is celebrated with greatest fervor here.

How Christmas is celebrated in Goa

As Christmas approaches, Goa’s places of worship, public houses, markets, private homes and hotels are decorated with flowers and lights People decorate their houses with Christmas trees. The Christmas trees are decorated with beautiful items such as candies, sparkling stars, cotton flakes, cakes, socks, gifts and a number of other decorative items.

For Goa’s Roman Catholic populace, the most essential part of the celebrations is the Midnight Mass or Missa de Galo(portugese phrase). After the Mass, festivities carry on throughout the night. Xmas Day is a day for family feasts, and as people get together to spend the day with family, many Goa accommodations and dining places offer special Xmas selections and offers for worldwide vacationers and homesick expats. One of the most popular Christmas treat in Goa is the community special bebinca, a treat created with sugars, ghee (clarified butter), flour and avocado .

For tourists in Goa Christmas is also a good time to visit Goa’s churches. The area of Old Goa, or Velha Goa, near Goa’s capital Panaji is home to some of Goa’s best churches. The Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa is more than 400 years old, and is home to the earthly remains of the Patron Saint of Goa, St. Francis Xavier. A trip to Old Goa’s places of worship creates a awesome half-day holiday from Goa’s islands.

Guidelines for celebrating Christmas in Goa

Christmas and New Years Eve are the most popular time on Goa’s islands as vacationers come here from across the globe for an exotic beachfront celebration. Housing rates increase accordingly during christmas, and hotels in Goa can be twice or three times as expensive as outside the high period. Inexpensive areas can be difficult to find. So it would be a good idea to plan your vacations well in advance.


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