The changemakers of IIT Delhi


“Be the Change you Wish to See” is the motto of  National Social Service(NSS) IIT Delhi. The NSS IIT Delhi Chapter was formulated with the sole aim of motivating students at IITD to indulge in nation building activities. Utkarsh Kawatra, general secretary of this student body tells us more about it.

We kicked off our activities of this semester with the orientation program for the freshers in the last week of July to make freshers aware of the activities and projects being carried out under the NSS banner.

This was followed by Blood Donation Camp preceded by a talk by Dr. N.K.Bhatia, who explained the benefits of blood donation and cleared some myths and doubts associated in the minds of the students related to it. Such was the response to the talk, that we saw more than 200 students turn up and donate blood the very next day. Also, blood donation trips to Safdarjung Hospital were organized every Saturday, with students volunteering in large numbers to keep up with the high demands for blood that has been difficult to cater to.

To acquaint to students with the volunteering in various fields, interactive sessions with NGO’s like Arushi, Friends, Aadi and National Association for Blind were organized which were followed by students signing up for regular volunteering in the NGO’s of their interest.The interactive sessions allowed students to interact and question senior students who have been involved with the specific NGO as well with members of the NGO. Pravah, an NGO working for youth citizenship action, also organized a Youth Development Workshop in campus for the students. Also, as an initiative to help impart basic education, our team organized regular teaching sessions for the underprivileged children living nearby the IITD campus.

An Urban Exposure Trip was organized by in collaboration with Pravah and Kutumb Foundation to Ghevra, a slum on the outskirts of Delhi to sensitize students to the various socio-economic problems faced by the community of slum-dwellers ranging from substance abuse to basic sanitary problems to the lack of available opportunities available to the people dwelling there.

To promote the spirit of a clean environment and to put forward an example to the people, NSS IITD organized cleanliness drives which involved  the students of our institute. Further, we organized a Cloth and Book Collection drive with the aim of providing basic clothing and healthcare to the deprived sections of the society and helping us in this endeavour were Goonj, an NGO working for development of villages using clothes as means and Avanti Fellows, a pan-IIT non profit initiative, providing mentor-ship to meritorious underprivileged students.

NSS IITD also has under its wing, BloodConnect and Assistech. BloodConnect caters to the immediate needs of patient looking for blood as well as organizes blood donation camps in various colleges/corporates while Assistech looks after the technological aspect for the differently-abled. The smart cane project, already completed by Assistech, would help the blind detect obstacles in advance and has already received industrial backing and is under production currently. Among other projects, the Bus Identification System for the visually challenged is currently in its testing stages.

NSS IITD has been trying, through its various activities and projects, to bring about a positive change in the lives of people and bringing a smile to their face. It aims at giving ample opportunities to students to take part in activities and making them realize their importance and their responsibility as citizens of the human society towards service to the society.

For further information about NSS IITD, feel free to glance our website: and visit our facebook page:

It is really amazing to see such young students standing up to create a difference in the society. Hope people draw inspiration from these youngsters and strive to ” To Help, To Serve, To bring a Smile”.


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