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The aspiration to start something on our own, present our own work in our own style and take up full-fledged photography and film-making projects has always been on our cards and hence comes Ethereal Colours, and along with it a dream to capture beautiful images, write about nerve-tingling travel adventures and make thought provoking and attention-catching short films.

Ethereal Colours, an enterprise aimed at providing stock photographs and professional photography services, is co-founded by Ayush Dinker and me. It has its origin in our deep-seated passion to photograph and write about the world around us.

Final year mechanical engineering student from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi , Ayush Dinker has been travelling and photographing widely since last three years, and the zeal to turn photography into something more than a mere hobby only got better. With his Canon D-SLR, slung on one shoulder and a backpack carrying 2 extra lenses and other camera accessories on the other, he has travelled extensively across the country, and produced well appreciated photographs. His personal photography website is an archive of his work till now.

I am  a pre-final year civil engineering student from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi. I was born and brought up in Guwahati, Assam and have been writing short pieces on various social, cultural and political topics as well as poetry and travel stories since the last five years in The Assam Tribune, a leading English daily in the North East India. My work also been published in the Eclectic Times, a cultural monthly magazine and Better Photography magazine. My blog,, maintained for more than four years now, is listed in  Along with writing, I have also been photographing extensively since the last two years.

Ethereal Colours is an outcome of a long desire to capture the multitude of cultural diversities, the architectural splendours, the wilderness of dense jungles, the serenity of landscapes and above all, people from different walks of life, and present it to the world. Be it a social cause, a journalistic assignment, a cultural or traditional event, Ethereal Colours is interested to take up any exciting photography or film-making projects. This website serves as an independent publishing platform to showcase our works.



  1. – Dana, I was looking through the fearless photographers group decided to look around a bit, such amazing talent in our country. Your photography is clean, crisp, and your are phenomenal at capturing the details (something I am so weak at) Fantastic work from one professional to another.May 8, 2012 – 1:04 pm

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