The man who designed Electric Jeans


Imagine a pickpocket trying to steal your wallet but instead of getting your money he or she is in for a 220-volt jolt! Pretty cool right? Read on to know about the man who has turned this to reality.

The combination of electricity and apparel is rare. Three decades ago Amitabh Bachchan, the superstar, enthralled the audience with his glowing aura as he danced to the Saara Zamana track wearing a jacket lit with bulbs on the outside. It was probably the first time that people witnessed the assemblage of electricity and clothes.

Shyam Chaurasia, a resident of the Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh, India has taken this combination to another level. He has designed a set of jeans with electrified back pockets, which will give a scare of their lives to all the pickpockets out there.

Using copper wires concealed among the stitches, Chaurasia has succeeded in powering the back pockets of the jeans with a nerve wrecking 220V of alternating current (AC). The current is produced by inverting the DC output of the electricity stored in a capacitor that is in turn charged by a 3V battery connected to it. The circuit is turned on by an electromagnetic switch controlled by the person wearing the pants. It works basically on the same principle as a household inverter does. The person wearing the pants is insulated from the current by a rubber coating provided in between.

The innovative design looks very promising despite a few loopholes like the lack of customization of use – that is the trousers do not differentiate a friendly hand from one that is not. Some amount of grooming, along with proper funding on his projects, can however, change his innovations into powerful products.

Chaurasia teaches school students for his living. He is expecting organizations to approach him someday, which will allow him to put his innovation to use and produce the kit in a large scale.

Shyam Chaurasia may not be the only one in the rural pockets of India who possesses amazing amount of talent in creating innovations that our nation is waiting for. He might not be the only one out there who works in a small garage and dreams to make it big someday.


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