Can we manage the Economy? Well, Why not?


 You enter FLAME, and enters with it a platter of specimens of the wonderful examining kinds into your sight, a depth of travelogue filled with awe like the ones when you get lost in a mine enters in you, and a breadth of an ocean with the magnitude of Afro-American security guards, filled with challenges bordering on perplexities just to tell us that if we were thinking we have a right to an easy life- we are wrong!, make an entry; not to be left behind! All for hoping for gaining knowledge… But if this isn’t knowledge, what is? Phew! The explanation I gave above was pretty exhaustive! I had to gain knowledge for writing thus! And to prove my point even further, we – I mean the whole FLAME kingdom, has gone out to hold conferences and seminars declaring the same outcome. But this again is just to generate knowledge. Nothing serious.

    On a more, much more rather serious note, we have Knowledge Globalisation Conference starting from Jan 5th to 7th after the New Year dawns. It’s an international conference with a convergence with Suffolk University, Sawyer Business School, Boston, USA, Knowledge Globalisation Institute, USA and our very own FLAME-Foundation for Liberal And Management Education, Pune; and FLAME will be hosting it! The theme of the conference is Managing Challenges Of Emerging Economies’ and that shall cover tracks Business Strategy, Global Business Management, Technology/Innovation, Health ,Culture , Education, Ethics, CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Policy, Ecology, and last but not the least Organisation Design. This conference, chaired by Prof. Arvind Agarwal from FLAME and Prof.Jimmy Mistry from Suffolk University, shall see a host of 50 speakers visualising on the same hoping for a better Globe, probably we shall see!


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