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Let them fly, up into the sky! - I See India

Let them fly, up into the sky!


In the spasm of a new year getting hold of you, there comes a realization that not all winds of change are welcome always or provide as much footage as when they were conceived in visionary arenas like they are intended by a new year in a presumed imaginary disposition. But change nevertheless with or without a presumed and assumed notion is wanted and brings about positive results and nonetheless is a change!! It is always positive if you see it.

Here’s a story of a change induced by imagination that did bring positivity for it has taken to a flight, a flight that can go really high! What happened is, a bunch of students from my college took up the initiative to make available and promote ‘Fireflies’, a type of lanterns. All of three, these seniors from FLAME School of Communication believe that their joint-venture consisting of lanterns that can fly, does fly and will take to great heights!

 In high esteem as they opine about the concept of ‘fireflies’ which comes into the spectrum of ‘wish lanterns’ it takes me to dwell on it, another generous offshoot in the mighty-hearted country of wish-making! Well, why not? When mini-hot air balloons were invented in China, which were made of 99% bio-degradable material, as it flew up in the air… very high, into the sky, a wish was graciously, most immediately liberally made! What a beautiful thought!

  The trio also  took it up as an initiative to reduce the use of fire crackers this Diwali, as fireflies is made of 99% biodegradable material and is almost harmless to the environment. Moreover it is a much better and a unique way of celebrating.

These Kongming lanterns, popularly also known as sky lanterns/wish lanterns/flying lanterns/sky candies/fire balloons and floating lanterns…quickly spread to other parts of Asia too! These fireflies can be used on any and every occasion be it a birthday,an anniversary, an event, promotions, Uttarayan or any occasion you can think of. Being eco-friendly, so no harm to the environment and also an unique product in itself, it can be used for all occasions really.

Just adding to the festivities, you know! Proffering light and orange glimmer, it adds a strikingly bright radiance of a sparkle to the environment, a twinkle in your eyes if it merely reflects in yours, and provides the earnest and necessary hope in your minds as you watch it go, trust me! It can make you think of a future, of a tomorrow which shall come after such a good today!

 These ‘fireflies’ are made available by these ‘stalwarts with fire’ from a place called FLAME, in Pune, New Bombay, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. For More details refer to their Facebook Page.


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