Anti-radiation properties detected in Tulsi


A recent research by  a group of scientists from DRDO (Defense Research Development Organization) shows tulsi to possess anti-radiation and anti-cancer properties, adding to the list of medicinal properties already known to us.

A recent research conducted in tulsi by DRDO with an investment of Rs.7 crore has shown that Tulsi, can be used effectively in treating patients who are exposed to radiation. The evidence was successfully tested on  mice with the help of tulsi extract.

Further, the scientist are involved in making a herbal medicine with the help of tusli extract and will begin the second phase of tests to check the effectiveness of the medicine. According to the scientists of DRDO, the plant possess excellent antioxidant property that not only mitigates the adverse effects of radiation but can also be used for chemotherapy for cancer patients. The project is under the second phase of clinical trail and after some more clinical trials the it will be finalized for commercial production. The results of the tests done on animals were quite satisfactory.

When anyone is exposed to harmful radiations the bone marrow gets affected and the also the immune system of the body becomes weak. Tulsi contains a chemical substance called glutathione which is capable to lessen the ill-effects of radiation and makes the body vulnerable for contracting diseases. This was first tested in case of mice and it was seen that their bone marrow and immunity both were unaffected when they are exposed to radiation after the use of tulsi extract.


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