Children’s Lovecastles Trust


Founded: 1997


Overview: The Children’s Lovecastles Trust (CLT) story began in 1997 from a room with a view – “From my apartment window I would see children building castles out of mud. Kids who should be spending their time in school were out accompanying their parents at the construction. This scene which resonated with me would repeat itself day after day until I realized a universal truth – Children loved building castles, homes – a place of belonging, whether at a beach, a playground or here at a construction site. Children’s Lovecastles Trust (CLT) was borne out of a passion to keep kids in school. To give them the education they deserve, so they can go build on their dreams and aspirations.” Bhagya Rangachar, Founder Executive Director / Managing Trustee.

CLT Resource Centre acts as a Hub where teachers and resource people with subject expertise come together to develop repository of localized multi-media content in regional languages that supports all lessons in all subjects for State-Board syllabus. Their teachers are connected on-line to several remote classrooms simultaneously with the aid of an interactive software platform to deliver the lessons. The learning environment is very dynamic, as the teachers can share content, use White Board for explanations and students can interact with live discussions! CLT uses the technology platform from Cisco Systems – a pioneer in networking and communications – to connect to remote schools.

Here is a sample video of a teacher teaching English to the students at CLT India


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