H.H.High School


Founded :  By Dr.Shahid Hassan & Mrs.Roshan Ara in 2010

Location : Brambe, Ranchi , Jharkhand

Website : https://www.facebook.com/hhhighschool?sk=wall

Overview : The school is named as Hamid Hassan High School and was founded by Dr. Shahid Hassan and Mrs. Roshan Ara on 16th January, 2010.
The school has come up as a big ray of hope for the poverty-stricken and unaware parents who wanted their children to get education despite themselves being illiterate. The school started initially with 80 students to educate the underprivileged children here and enable them get basic education in life. Since its inception, the school has been successful in raising awareness among the people of the area not only about education but how to lead a respectable and disciplined life . In most of the cases, the children are the first generation learners in their families.The school also consists of kids who are orphans and even those who cant afford to get education. They have the basic minimum fee structure to meet the maximum level of knowledge to be given to the students. The school provides books , uniform and transportation to all students who cant afford it. Presently, the school has more than 330 students and 15 dedicated teachers including the Principal. The school currently offers education till ninth grade and will further be extended to grade 10th in the coming year. Besides free education, the school also offers computer education to the children from grade 1st and plans to have music, dance, yoga, karate classes too.

This is video recording of the students of H.H. High School performing on the occasion of Independence Day


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