Founded: November 2010


Overview: Food waste is being recognised as a one of the major growing issue,   and the proper utilisation /disposal of it is complex. As per the available data daily around 35000 children die without food in INDIA. At least 40% of people in India live below poverty line and if not more at least 10% of such people do not get to eat two timely meals of the day. Poverty & Hunger are not new problems for our country but wastage of food is new problem. Most weddings are turning into buffet system, it’s becomes the popular day by day. At lavish parties mostly the quantity of food is over-estimated and the left over or surplus food, in large quantities goes to the waste-bins as there is no proper channel to utilise this unused food. In Indian wedding parties how many of us know how much food goes into waste?

Vision of the project:

Annakshetra is a unique initiative by Center for Development Communication (CDC), Jaipur. The vision of this project is to bridge the gap between wastage of surplus food and to those who need food. There is  wide disparities in distribution of resources in India .There are two kind of people one who have wealth or resources and other do not have access to those.  We through this projects aims to work on one key aspect of this fact that is minimizing the wastage of food that can be utilized to serve many hungry and poor.




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