Naandi Foundation


Founded: 1998


Overview:  Naandi Foundation a Public Charitable Trust established in 1998, is dedicated to eradicate poverty through public private partnerships. Guiding Naandi in its initiatives is its board of trustees chaired by Dr. K Anji Reddy, Founder and Chairman of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. Other board members include thought leaders and eminent corporate citizens of India.

It is one of the largest social enterprises in India, touching over 3 million lives. Naandi’s work in the Northern (Punjab and Haryana), North – Eastern (Nagaland), North – Western (Rajasthan), Western (Maharashtra), Central (Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Orissa) and Southern (Andhra Pradesh) parts of the country goes on to illustrate its expanse.

Naandi  provides additional special classes before/ after school and material support (books, workbooks, etc.) to improve their learning and performance. Currently we work in 1,300 government schools and reach over 1,00,000 children across 5 states in remote, rural and tribal areas and in metros as well. Naandi is also piloting running of schools
Income Generation
Naandi works with  farmers, providing them training in organic and biodynamic cultivation practices, forming farmer collectives and providing them direct access to markets.  Naandi’s Pride School initiative provides vocational training to these youths from backward classes in professional employable skills for the growing retail, hospitability and BPO industries. This has resulted in a three to six fold increase in their incomes and has also enhanced their social status.
Naandi’s project Bachpan, through community mobilization has enabled the community to monitor activities of government workers of departments of health, education and women and child welfare at the village level. This has resulted in better service provision by doctors, teachers and ANMs (Auxillary Nurse Midwives) and consequently, improved growth in children and enhanced ante natal care for pregnant women in those remote and tribal villages. This
project covers more than 22,000 children.
Naandi’s CHAMPION (Community Health And Medical Provision: Impact ON Neonates) Trial is a research project to gauge how a set of cost effective health interventions (e.g. blood pressure, anaemia, weight, etc.) for pregnant women in rural, underserved area, can bring down new born deaths. Based on the results, Naandi will strongly lobby with state governments to adopt this model of healthcare to prevent children from dying at birth. Naandi provides mid day meals in
government schools within the stipulated per child allocation.
Naandi’s Community Based Safe Drinking Water project provides safe drinking water using simple, modern and affordable technology and a high degree of community involvement. The impact includes better health for all, improvement in gender equity and higher attendance in schools. The project benefits over 2 million people across 4 states.
The beneficiaries are given all the above services at no cost, except under the community based safe drinking water project, where they pay as little as 10 to 15 paise per litre.


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