Cloud-based tablet solution for students launched


Called e- Tutor this device would be available in the market from April onwards and can be used by students from Class 1 to 12. 

Sam Pitroda, advisor to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, on 25th January launched the country’s first cloud-based tablet solution for school students called ‘e-Tutor tablet’.

Priced at Rs 7,500, inclusive of content, the product would be available in the market from April onwards. This can be used by students from Class 1 to 12.

The e-Tutor tablet is a joint effort of Technopark-based e-Tutor and Oztern Technology.

Ranjith Balan, Founder and Managing Director of e-Tutor, said that this will be the first complete solution for education to be made available on Tablet PCs.

“The teacher can easily explain concepts using the digital whiteboard that is set up in the Tablet PC. Using e-Tutor learning tablet the students can access what was taught in the classroom and can also access the collaborative learning platform for discussions on relevant topics taught in the classroom,” Balan said.

The product is also aimed at making Internet a safer place for children. e-Tutor tablet safeguards the connectivity from the personalized Tablets PCs provided as a part of the solution, and restrict it to connect to Internet only through the synchronization module in the product.

Lessons will be made available to the learner through personalised Tablet PCs, and regular content updates will be made available through a unique cloud – tablet synch mechanism, thus making sure that the device connects only to the relevant locations to access content.

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