A Laughter- Nurtured and taken care of!


There’s a friend of mine who keeps visiting a school in Karjat. When I asked her about it, she  told me it was started by her family and she happens to be associated with it. Here is some insight into the IFFS –India’s First Foundation School .

IFFS is much more than an ordinary residential school. The school, with a vision of a quest of humanness in human beings, is located in a stretch of open land that pronounces massive entity in the welcoming land of Karjat, just about an hour from either Mumbai or Pune. The IFF trust of the Bhanushali Family is behind the actualization of this mountain of a vision altering the learning space, lending a backbone.

The IFF is a body gregariously working towards bringing about a radical transformation in education and teaching. In the teaching methodology that only engulfs and lets loose curiosity, creativity and ultimately confidence about their own pretense ;an environment that only facilitates it by simply accommodating freedom, expanse of possibilities in a way that cultivates imagination as a practice and only says yes to every innocent option by nodding “ yes, it is possible!” but also differing to play ‘blind-fold’ truly by not subtracting the natural probability to fall and one is  encouraged to get up and push and run further in the spirit of the game ;lies its uniqueness !

IFFS Dean, Mrs. Kavita Karve who stands by a vision for IIFS to emerge as a role model in holistic ,value based and exploratory learning campus in the world, makes me see how that can be achieved by classrooms named after eminent personalities of India to start with; a curriculum where textbooks are as simplified with language kept simple laying focus to the actual acquisition of knowledge content-STAR curriculum as they like to call it which is, S-Synthesis, T-thinking, A-Analysis and R-Reasoning; every child being treated like an individual and pushed on  tapping  individual potential, motivation in science and research ,participation and initiative building on the contrary to bombard and acceptance ;all of which this learning place is primarily about!

Apart from this, interesting features about this second home for children comprise outreach programs; diversity of subjects that come in their knowledge spectrum and academic importance like to say, sports, music and creatives treated as highly and focused on as academics; their ideas such as ANUBHUTI, where grandparents are invited to stay for a week to bring about a lively interaction between the two generations with a skip of one generation in between! Farming is another addition to what the children indulge in!

Transforming lives and transforming education in anticipation to foster a holistic and over-all development, is an institution that speaks with pride similar to FLAME, its counterpart in character-molding of budding India!

Shreenika is a student of FLAME, Pune.


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