Charge your cell phone on the go!


Whether you are jogging, rushing to office or grocery shopping, your cell phone is constantly at your disposal. And even after hours of heavy duty, you don’t like seeing the “battery low” notification.  Check out this mobile shoe charger that could be the solution of your desire for a longer battery life.

Today mobile phone has evolved from being just a phone to becoming your personal assistant. With numerous apps running on the handheld device,  a longer battery life is of utmost importance.

“The mobile shoe charger“ which is based on the concept of converting pressure to electricity using PIEZO crystals through piezoelectric effect can end your phone’s battery life woes. The charger is present in the sole of the shoe and as soon as the person wearing the shoe starts walking, the charging will start. The charger has nearly zero maintenance, has easy assembly and handling and is highly affordable to different sections of the society.

The product has been developed by Mandar Tulankar. He is the Founder and Director of  KalpaVriksha Angels R&D Pvt. Ltd. , and  has a patent for the Piezo Spring Motion Charger (Mobile Shoe charger).  He has won many awards for this innovation. Most recently he won at the Inspire India Techfest 2012, IIT Bombay .


Kalpa Vriksha has a  young and diverse team . Chetan Rajkarne, the Director, Administration, has an extensive experience in handling projects, both in Government as well as in Private Sector.

Abhiram Gandhe, the Director, Finance and Marketing,has an experience  of more than 10 Years as a Consultant Engineer for various MNC’s. Nikhil Warade ,Director, Business Development,  is a PGDM student at IIM Kozhikode, and is working for business development and exploring the new market segments for the product.

The working and ground tested model of this concept in the form of mobile shoes charger is ready.The team now is looking at other alternatives as well that are cheaper and have vast commercial application.

As the micro version of power generation from piezoelectric effect is successfully accomplished, now they are onto designing the macro version of it, so that they can achieve large scale power generation and light up every home with at least one bulb in future.



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