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Entrepreneurship is the new buzz word among Indian students. They are bubbling with ideas for starting new ventures. They however need a lot of support from us to turn their dreams to is one such initiative to nurture  student start-ups.

Techaloo is a not for profit organization fostering entrepreneurship at college level.It identifies innovative start-ups budding at college campuses and showcases them at TechAloo. It helps young entrepreneurs with the tools and information to “fail faster to succeed sooner” required in their entrepreneurial venture.

It was started by Mr. Dilip Prasad ,who is an alumnus of “Indian School of Mines ,Dhanbad” and presently pursuing his PH.D. from NTU,Singapore . On the Kauffman scholarship he visited the world and realized that a developing country like India needs more “Job Creaters” than “Job Seekers”.

He shared his thought with his junior Mohit Bansal from Indian School of Mines and then the journey started.

Techaloo is aiming towards developing entrepreneurship in Indian colleges. Techaloo believes that our youth has huge potential and lots of innovative ideas but due to lack of proper guidance,exposure and tools they are unable to give practical shape to their ideas. We have a large youth population in India if they are given right direction they can be very useful in boosting the Indian economy.

Presently Techaloo features Indian startups only, but soon they will include asian startups also. Various renowned organizations are willing to be partner with Techaloo. Presently they are outreach partners with “International youth forum”.

We wish to help student entrepreneurs shape a better tomorrow for India. Join us in this endeavor.



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