A Delight , Indeed !


‘The nation would progress if and only if each citizen gets to satisfy his sanitation need ;and not just satisfy it but do so by a good sanitation facility’ is a statement constructed after much wound, insight and deliberation. And India has a long way to go before it can overcome a jungle of loopholes in the sanitation facilities available to its citizens. Here is something that aims at improving the people to toilets ratio.

One person who has managed to bring in light into this tunnel is someone who managed to come up with E-toilets.An E-toilet, which is an electronic toilet, is an idea that was conceived in Europe which basically applied to pay and use system coupled with additional facilities. What has been done is, it’s been redesigned to Indianize its technology to make it cost-effective and to viable in the Indian scenario.

Compact, portable and systems that occupy not more than 45 square feet of space, ‘Delight toilets’ as they are called, are machines with an automated coin payment facility that unlocks the unit as the coin is inserted ;switching on the light and the exhaust fan immediately. As it senses the user, the closet wets itself with 100ml of pre-flush.

Now let us consider the user does not flush the toilet after use (like it happens in India most of the time), it automatically gets flushed and cleans the closet. If the usage is for only less than 3 minutes, the system flushes with 1.5 litres of water and if the user is there for more than 3 minutes, the system flushes 4 litres. So, the total water usage does not go beyond 4 litres.

With a unit of 230 V power mechanism, there is a power back up also. Inadequate availability of power and water will automatically close the unit, well in advance.The water tank in the unit stores 500 litres of water from the supply source but there is also a motor to pump water from an additional source in the case of emergency.Delight toilets use 40 units of electricity and 1,008 litres of water for 168 users. A  GPRS enabled system so that it can be controlled remotely which includes remote opening and closing of the unit, daily collection monitoring, and checking the functioning of the unit through a web application or through mobile phones. Delightful, isn’t it?

What’s more?! Delight goes green by generating its electricity through solar panels and processing solid waste.

The  direct relation between sanitation and progress has been there and will be , but if more lights like these keep popping up ,it can pave way in this dense tunnel of a jungle- omnipresent yet hidden! Who is the mystery man behind this?

He is M. S .Vinod, director of Eram. (Eram Scientific Solutions is part of Eram Group, a company which has operational presence in India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.)

And with this initiative of his, he plans to provide for short-comings in government –aided schools in Ernakulam district. The simplest model costing Rs.270, 000 now and the most sophisticated one around Rs 35 lakhs, the government plans to grant tax exemption to this project of DELIGHT! It has spread to Mumbai, Delhi and Kanyakumari. Vinod is hopeful of 1,500 connected Delight e-toilets throughout Kerala by March this year. He expects the demand to go up to 2,000 units per month very soon.


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