Free coaching classes with Satellite Communication


The Science and Technology department of the Government of Rajasthan, is giving free tutorials on Physics, Chemistry and Math for engineering exams. In a first of its kind initiative, the department in association with ISRO has set up a Satellite Communication Studio in Jaipur, in which the faculty and teachers give coaching, which is then transmitted to the state districts and Panchayat Samitis.

The initiative has been undertaken keeping the economically weaker children in mind, who are not able to afford the expensive private tuition centres, though we have not restricted admission among the students. Anybody who thinks can benefit from the video conference tutorials can  join the programme.

For this the network has been linked to all the 32 districts and 237 Panchayat Samitis of the state.

12 ROT’s (Receive Only Terminal) at the Panchayat Samitis and 44 SIT’s (Satellite Interactive Terminal) have been installed at the Districts. Students come to these centres and participate in live interactions with the faculty/teacher, and can also get their queries attended to, in real time.

“Their queries are addressed and problematic topics are taken up by the faculty again if necessary,” says Dr Meghendra Sharma, research officer at the Remote Sensing Application Centre, SATCOM, Jaipur. “The hard copies along with readily available soft copies are also being provided to the students, where the matter is completely in Hindi. The response from the students too has been good,” adds Meghendra. In time to come, the department plans to include medical coaching which will include subjects like Zoology and Botany and these would be explained more vividly through animation and graphics.

There is also a counseling session by the lecturers where the doubts of the students are addressed and solutions given after the classes are over. The students can also call and arrange a time with the concerned faculty for their sessions. With an average of 30-40 students in each district, the campaign has been well received among students from across the state. Rajasthan is the only state after Andhra Pradesh to have implemented such a programme.



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