Direct Data Transfer Device by Mangalore students


To transfer data between two USB devices, you have to use a computer as an intermediate device. How would you like if you could directly transfer data between the two devices without using a computer?

Four final year computer science-engineering students of  Srinivas Institute of Technology (SIT), Mangalore have  designed an innovative electronic device named – Direct Data Transfer (DDT), which is portable, compact and user friendly.

These budding techies – Hariprasad, Avinash K, Narasimha M Bhat, and Gaurav M Nayak have won the first place in a science competition, which was held recently in Indian Institute of Sciences (IISC), Bangalore for this device.

Explaining about the features of device, students said for instance to transfer data from one pen-drive to another pen-drive, both the pen-drives will be connected to DDT and using keypad attached to DDT, which provides the option of cut, copy and paste data can be transferred.

The device also has MP3 player, bluetooth, built in memory, camera, and speakers and the cost of the device is just Rs 1,000.

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