Indian scientists develop device to prevent mobile phone distraction


A team of three researchers from India’s Anna university has developed a system that prevents the driver of a vehicle from using a mobile phone while allowing passengers to use their phones. What’s better is that it even alerts the police if a driver attempts to use his phone.

Anna University scientists H Abdul Shabeer, RSD Wahidabnu and H Abdul Zubarto have developed Cellphone Accident Preventer (CAP) to combat the 20 percent of fatal road accidents involving trucks and other heavy vehicles caused by drivers’ mobile phone use.

As published in the European Journal of Scientific Research, this unit is capable of distinguishing whether the cell phone was used by the driver or passenger. When the driver’s use of cell phone is detected, the CAP mobile application loaded on the driver’s cell  prevents the call but  ensures that the user does not miss any emergency call.

When the driver gets a call while the car is in motion, the caller gets a message “User is driving… please call back after XX minutes, and if an emergency, call back two more times continuously.” Here, XX is the difference between the total time of the journey (set in the setting panel) and the time of the incoming call.

In case of an emergency call the driver receives a warning message“you have an emergency call. Please stop the vehicle
in a safe place”. If the driver stops the vehicle within a predefined timed interval say 8 seconds then the call is allowed else the low range mobile jammer is activated.

CAP can also alert the police, the general public or other passengers in the car if a driver is trying to discreetly check his phone when his hands should be on the wheel.

The vehicle license plate information, which is already stored in the system, will be transmitted to a receiver placed on the traffic signal post, which in turn displays the license number in an LCD display so that police can take legislative action against the driver. At the same time, a warning message or sound will be given to passengers sitting inside the vehicle indicating that the driver is using a cellphone.

CAP is still just a research project, with no immediate plans for commercial deployment.They have completed the demo system and currently are in the process of implementing the system in the real world.For this they require funding support from an organization or government.

The project, still in its infancy, can be a real life saver if the technology used  can be perfected. Let’s hope for the best!