11-year-old Indian roller skater breaks world record


 Update: Rohan Kokane entered the new Guinness Book of World Records on 12th September 2013, for being the world’s lowest limbo skater, achieving a roller-skating height of just 25 cm over a distance of 10 metres.11-year-old Rohan Ajit Kokane  broke a world record by flattening himself enough to skim under poles just 6.75 inches from the ground.

At first glance it looked as if his body was resting on the floor, but Rohan Ajit Kokane was in fact just inches above the ground on his roller skates. He completed the amazing feat in front of an astounded crowd at a Hong Kong mall last week.

Kokane was performing at an event, ‘Beyond the Body Limit’, organized for promoting exercise among the elderly. Kokane was the only skater invited from India for the event. The event saw record-holder skaters from across the world demonstrating their skills.

Record breaking is not a new experience for Kokane — he already holds the Guinness World Record for the farthest distance limbo skating under cars . He skated underneath 20 cars reaching an incredible distance of 126 feet 11 inches at the Juhu Aerodrome in Mumbai last year.





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