Orthopedic doctors to do free surgeries


The Indian Orthopedic Association(IOA) organized the First Bone and Joint Day on August 4, as it was the day when the IOA Charter was signed 57 years ago. 

The IOA under its unique initiative, “Lets Pledge to Give”, asked nearly 9,000 surgeons registered with it to perform at least one free surgery this year.

With an aim to benefit the poor, the initiative involves free services like surgies, medicines, hospital stay and fees. Nearly 3,500 surgeries have been performed by members of the IOA till date.

While the target is to perform 10,000 free surgeries this year, the basic idea is to improve the public awareness regarding, road safety measures, common orthopaedic illnesses like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, back pain, etc. And for this, free camps and awareness programmes are being conducted throughout the country, members of the IOA said.

As a part of the theme – “knowledge is power, skill is strength”, programme, almost 350 orthopaedic surgeons have been provided short and long-term training to enable them to acquire special hands on bone model during workshops in centres of excellence in specialist areas of spine surgery, arthroscopy, pediatric orthopaedics, etc., he said.

Apart from this, the IOA is planning to organise 250 public education programmes and for this, it has tied up with numerous social service organisations and industrial partners to bring public awareness and further education on three important issues – road traffic accidents and building safety on the roads; prevention and treatment of arthritis; prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.





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