Indian doctors and students give new life to Pakistani patient


At a time when we wake up to read about hate instigated activities and accidents due to mindless insensitive driving, it is heart warming to know about people like the students who donated blood to a Pakistani patient battling for life.Humanity hasn’t ended yet. Thanks to such people who give us hope of a better future.

54 year old Zaib-un-Nisa had been suffering from Hepatitis C infection for three to four years. She was admitted to a hospital in Lahore in January 2012. The hospital said she could not walk even for a short distance nor was she able to do her household work.

It was then that the family contacted the liver transplant team at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi for further evaluation and treatment. She was advised transplant as she had advanced liver cirrhosis (more than 80 per cent liver damage).

Due to the timely contribution from Indian students,doctors were able to successfully perform a complicated liver transplant operation on Pakistan Independence Day – August 14.

Ms. Nisa, who is now recuperating, was all praise for the doctors. “This rebirth is the Id gift they have given to me,” she said.

Her 26-year-old son, Umar Subhanni, who donated a part of his liver to save her, said, “When Indians came to know that we are Pakistanis, they went out of the way to help us. Starting from our landlord in Delhi to our taxi driver or vegetable vendor everybody not only helped us but also came to the hospital to enquire about my mother’s health.”

“When we needed blood for my mother and we pasted notices outside students hostels, six students came forward to donate blood. I am so touched and obliged to all of them.”

Spread happiness and you feel the joy. Inflict suffering and you will feel the same. To every action there was and will always be an equal and opposite reaction. Tears are the same in every country and the pain that brings them is also the same. Still, how can continue to hurt each other? How do we forget to stop and help someone in need? We are humans. It is time we started behaving like one.



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