Gandhi Mitra Awards to 3 Social Activists


On the occasion of this year’s Gandhi Jayanti, works of three social activists Shilpa Vaishnav, Samat Jhada and Kashiben Kanasiya, were recognized by giving them Gandhimitra Awards from the honorable Governor of Gujarat, Dr Kamla . These people have selflessly served the society of Gujarat by helping to alleviate malnutrition, illiteracy and problems related to women, children and the tribal population of the state.

Forty-year old Shilpa left a lucrative career to settle in the rural area of Amirgadh, Banaskantha where she runs 15-odd schools. Most of these schools are central to a number of villages where kids walk three-odd kilometres to study. She has prepared 3,500 students for higher education so far. “Shilpa has been working tirelessly for the education of underprivileged children in backward areas of Banaskantha. Had it not been for her efforts, a large number of kids would have remained deprived of benefits of education,” said Surendra Patel, founder of Vechaar Trust.

Samat Jhada is a progressive farmer in Chotila, Surendranagar. A firm believer of Gandhian philosophy, he recently sat on a 5 day fast against adulteration in materials used for construction of the village school. Kashiben has been working for upliftment of tribal workers in Devgadh Baria .Her focus is on securing drinking water and food security and has been aggressively working to end malnutrition among kids. Kashiben has been working on migration-related issues as well.

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