Abraham Moses wins The Forbes India Good Samaritan award


Abraham Moses, was conferred with the Good Samaritan award at the  inaugural Forbes India Philanthropy Awards(FIPA) held last month. The event was recognition of work done by leading businessmen, industrialists and entrepreneurs for social good. These awards will now be an annual feature.

 MindTree Consulting’s Abraham Moses leads a group which travels every month to engage with kids suffering from cerebral palsy, and to orphanages as well as homes for destitute. He’s also led an initiative by MindTree to adopt a school near Bangalore. He who serves as the company’s director, administration & facilities.

Moses has been running the Technologists for Social Action(TSA) programme for 15 to 20 years now. One Saturday every month, he leads a team of young software engineers on field trips to visit the Missionaries of Charity in Bangalore or a destitute home. “

It started with people going out on two-wheelers, then in cars, then in small vans and today they go out in two busloads!

Everyone is welcome to board the bus. Employees can bring their friends and family members along. When Moses and his team enter the premises of the women’s home, the happiness on the faces of its residents is palpable.

“All they need is company, someone to listen, someone who cares. They look forward to people visiting them and it gives them more joy than you can ever imagine ” , says Moses.

Moses is also the face of the Mindtree Foundation. Some time ago, Moses came up with the ‘blessed sibling’ concept, which was part of a dream-to-reality programme, where one co-founder at Mindtree along with the junior-most employee, would partner together to see one child through his or her education. Moses reasoned that this would give an opportunity to an employee to motivate someone less fortunate, and for the founder to make a tangible difference to someone’s life.

Today, 15 children have been educated all through to engineering, thanks to this initiative.

Moses famous on campus as someone who truly cares and looks after the social welfare of everyone.

Moses is clear: Where help is needed, action must follow. His guiding light is a verse from the Bible in Proverbs, which says, “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, When it is in the power of your hand to do so.”


  1. Perinpanayakam on

    Well Done Moses Sir.
    Your goodself deserve the award. Let our Lord be with you always and guide and guard you and Bless you so that you extend your helping hands towards the destitute children.
    Wish you all success

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