Indian wins highest civilian award of Argentina


Embassy of Argentina conferred the ‘Order de Mayo- Officer of the Order’, highest Civilian Award of the Republic of Argentina on Peter Toghrille Hassan, Honorary Consul for Russian Federation (Hyderabad).

The award was presented to Hassan at a ceremony held on Dec 10 at the residence of the Ambassador.

“Hassan has significantly contributed, apart from his continued contribution to the ties between Andhra Pradesh and the Russian Federation, in particular, also to strengthen Indo-Argentine bilateral, economic and cultural ties, which have helped both the countries to enhance their trade activities,” read an official statement on Wednesday.

“He has made India proud by endearing himself, specially to business and industry to explore the vast Argentine and Latin American markets, which are on hand to welcome Indian enterprise in so many areas of common interest,” it said.

Order of Mayo’- Officer of the Order is one of the Highest Civilian Awards of the Republic of Argentina, and is given to selected and distinguished awardees for exemplary work and expert consultation.

The ‘Order’ is named after the May Revolution which led to the birth of the Republic of Argentina.

Hassan is the Honorary Consul for Russian Federation in Hyderabad (first such position attained in Andhra Pradesh).

He is also a key member and advisor to New Zealand trade and enterprise’s beachhead program in India and helps them to promote business in both directions.

Hassan also is an Advisor, Strategy and Planning to Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).


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