“Please don’t waste food….wrap it”


Do you remember that moment when you were very hungry but couldn’t eat due to a packed schedule or unavailability of food? If not then maybe you should skip a meal today. You need to have that feeling to understand what hunger can do to a person.

When you are so hungry that your stomach is cringing, you are feeling nauseated and dizzy, your strength is giving way and you are gripped with just one thought-food. You want something to eat and you want it badly. You can’t think of anything else except food. Do you really expect a person, who has this feeling everyday, to understand moral values? Do you expect him to understand anything except how he can get a meal?

One can’t educate a hungry person. We really need to understand the extent of harm hunger does to our society. We need to fix this issue before we try solving other problems.

R. Mohammed Ali, T. Merwin Wesley, and J. Palaniappan, a team of youngsters doing their third year engineering at KSR College in Tamil Nadu, have come up with a solution .They are doing what they can do to channel food from places where it is surplus to people who need it. They have formed SEEDS (Social Envisages Envoys to Develop Society), a registered society for social service, to implement their ideas for social change.

They have jointly put up 4,000 posters at hotels and shops in 17 cities across Tamil Nadu that has a teary-eyed young girl saying: “Please don’t waste food….wrap it”.

“After seeing the posters, 20 members from these places volunteered to work with us. The poster is a reminder for people not to waste food. Though they pay for a meal in a hotel, people feel shy to pack the uneaten portion. The poster tells them to wrap it and give to poor children on the streets. Hotel owners say it is working,” says Mohammed, SEEDS president.

This initiative might be small as compared to the enormity of poverty in India, but at least it offers a solution to the problem. Maybe if all of us implement such solutions on a micro scale, we can expect a change in the larger context in the near future.

Courtesy: http://www.thehindu.com/


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