NIF invites submissions for IGNITE-2013


ignite1National Innovation Foundation has started accepting submissions of creative technological ideas and innovations from students up to class 12th for the seventh national competition for children’s ideas and innovations – IGNITE 2013.

What is the IGNITE contest?

IGNITE is an annual national competition to harness the creative and innovative spirit of school children. Students are invited to send their original creative technological ideas and innovations for the same. It aims at making children  more sensitive to the problems faced by not just them and their families or neighbours but also other socially disadvantaged sections of the society.

What is invited for the IGNITE contest?

Original creative technological ideas and innovations of the students OR/AND Any technological idea/innovation that solves any daily problem be it household, of porters, labourers, or the like.

In addition students are encouraged to look for other people who come out with innovative machines/devices or solve day to day problems using their creativity. The students submitting the maximum number of properly documented entries (Innovations/Traditional Knowledge) to the schools (which would forward them to NIF) or directly to NIF would be given appreciation certificates from NIF. For each innovation/traditional knowledge practice spotted and documented by the student, he/she will be credited as being the ‘Scout’ for that particular innovation/traditional knowledge in records.

What is the competition period?

The entries will be received till July 31, 2013. All entries received after this date will be considered for IGNITE 14 competition.

How can the submissions be sent?

The submissions for the contest can be made  through the following means.
1. Email the details at
2.Submit online at
3. Mail them at the following address (directly/through the Principal)

National Innovation Foundation – India
Satellite Complex, Premchand Nagar Road,
Jodhpur Tekra, Satellite
Ahmedabad 380 015, Gujarat


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