Grassroot innovator’s water cooler technology bought by business firm


arvindbhaipatelArvindbhai Patel  is a serial innovator from Ahmedabad. With his keen mind, he has developed many innovative products such as Natural Water Cooler, Auto Air  Filling Pump, and Auto Compression Sprayer and Innovative tongs.

His technology of Solar Natural Water cooler has now been bought by khodke Agro Products of Maharashtra.

This water cooler uses the twin features of heat transfer and cooling by evaporation.In this cooler, water is passed through cotton string covered copper coils, which are continuously being moistened by a dripper. A small DC fan operated through solar panel mounted on roof top facilitates the air circulation and evaporation of water from the cotton string on the coil cools the water inside.

natural-water-cooler-1It reduces the temperature of input water by 8 to 10 degree centigrade depending upon the external temperature and humidity. The copper coil provides a two-fold benefit to its users; one, because of the medicinal properties of copper and two, because of its higher efficiency. It also has an in-built filter that provides clean and hygienic water.

This product is being sold commercially in Gujarat at present.

According to Patel, the advantage of this innovation is that an external power source is not required for its operation and thus it has almost no recurring cost. This technology has tremendous potential in hot and dry climates. It can also be of great value in rural households where electricity supply is low and erratic.



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